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About Us 

In the wake of the pandemic's profound impact on the world, BADSTRCT emerged from the creative depths of WolF6looD, a musical artist with a compelling vision. Founded in 2021, right at the cusp of the pandemic's retreat, this brand stands as a testament to resilience and reinvention.

As the world grappled with uncertainty, WolF6looD found himself with an unexpected abundance of time—a rare opportunity to revisit a childhood passion that had long been overshadowed by the demands of life. In the stillness of those moments, the seeds of BADSTRCT were planted.

The brand, much like its founder, embodies a spirit of defiance and authenticity. WolF6looD, known for his musical endeavors, sought a new canvas for his expression—one that extended beyond the realms of sound. BADSTRCT became the manifestation of his journey through the shadows, an exploration of the mysterious and the unconventional.

In a world that had witnessed upheaval, BADSTRCT emerged as a beacon of creativity and self-discovery. It is not merely a brand; it is a reflection of WolF6looD's artistic evolution during a period of introspection. The name itself echoes defiance, urging individuals to break free from the constraints of conformity.

As BADSTRCT steps into the limelight, it carries with it the echoes of a transformative period in WolF6looD's life. This brand is a celebration of the resilience found in creative expression and the power to rise anew, even in the face of adversity.

Join us in this journey through the enigmatic, where authenticity reigns, and the spirit of rebellion is woven into the fabric of every design.


BADSTRCT — a creation born from the silence, ready to make a resounding statement.



BOC stands for BADSTRCT ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. In 2020, during the pandemic I had this idea to write a comic book surrounding myself and the people that I have gotten to meet through out my life. Since then, I started to design these original characters with their own stories. Little did I know that at some point I would repurpose these characters and now have to put them on fabric.

Every characters in this collection is inspired by real people and are considered citizens of the B.A.District. Be sure to stay tune. You never know where these stories may lead. In the meantime, explore and find your next favorite piece.


To be self aware is to accept my light and my shadow, for one can't exist without the other.   


The STATERA collections, as an expression, are inspired by the concept of balance. 



Whether consciously or subconsciously everyone tend to have a philosophy that they live by. Something that they stand for. For us, It starts with the brand.




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